Grenfell Tower disaster, London rapper El Nino interviewed

The local voice of Latimer/Ladbroke Grove needs to be heard.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This music video from London, England says about itself:

6 August 2017

Grenfell Tower’s Burning is the unrelenting new music video from Latimer/Ladbroke Grove rappers El Nino & CX4.

By Paul Bond in Britain:

Interview with rapper El Nino about “Grenfell Tower’s Burning”: “We had to watch that, so why shouldn’t they have to listen to us?”

28 August 2017

Following our recent review of some locally produced grime tracks about the Grenfell Tower fire the World Socialist Website spoke to one of the artists, El Nino. Our telephone conversation revealed in a small way how the horrors of Grenfell Tower have had an effect on certain witnesses and their art.

I noted in the original review that Grenfell Tower’s Burnin’ was the angriest of the tracks put out by artists from the area to date. The artist’s press release described the track as a “furious response”…

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