At it again… Money Kicks Shake!

What I really wanted to know is…. does this milkshake bring all the boys to the yard??

So “Money Kicks” (Dubai rich kid who loves trainers and has celebrities hang out with him) has this HUGE Milkshake we just HAD to try!
I’ts available at Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar across the UAE. But not such a thrifty find as its 55AED a pop! But for every order you place, 5AED will go to charity.
That’s a good enough cause for me to go get my sugar ON! 😉

It comes in either Vanilla or Chocolate & has a whole host of crazy sweets stuck to the glass! Definitely for the younger ones… it doesn’t look as pretty as some popular shakes on the scene right now… but the entrance is enough to wow the kids… it arrives smoking 😳 on top of liquid nitrogen! The waitresses all gather around and pour chocolate over it while you grab your cameras for the photo op! 

The kids preferred the chocolate…. I preferred This! 

Chocolate Bar BlackBerry shake! 😍

And I don’t feel guilty because … it’s for charity! (So I keep telling myself) 

Anything for a good cause! 😂

Grab yours at the –

Chocolate Bar Dubai Mall

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