Don’t They Know I’m British?!?

Has been my most used phrase this week!! I’ve never been one to “have a cuppa” outside… because I’ve not come across a place that can brew a mean cup like we do indoors…. it’s just not the same! No, No, that won’t do! 

Even when I lived back home in London, you’d have a hard time getting me to drink tea outside, unless it’s a Hilton Hotel Afternoon Tea with the ladies, it’s not happening, sorry!

See it’s all about the aesthetics, the setting, the tone…. the CUP!! That “Ooohh” after your first sip, the feeling inside of complete and utter “tealaxation” ….. you aren’t getting that sitting in a manky London Cafe, or chilling in Shakespeares in Dubai Mall! So why kid yourself?? Sit back and chillax at home and enjoy your tea, your way!

There’s nothing worse than getting a rubbish cuppa, especially when you’re being charged more for one little cup, than a whole 80 pack of PG Tips would cost! So it’s much better to have your tea at home, or at a friends…. having said that, you may have to endure that akward moment when they make you a crap cuppa tea…. but that’s another post! …….

Then theres the typical question all us Brits are asked when it comes to the old Tea Conversation, “how do you like yours” …. & DARE I even write it…. Milk in first?? (Who are these monsters?!) 😳 So to avoid all of the above, I protest & have my tea strictly at home in MY own CUP (that nobody else is allowed to use btw) πŸ˜‚

But this week, due to unforseen circumstances, I was sadly admitted into hospital (it’s ok I’m a survivor insha’Allah) and here is where I realised just how much of a grumpy Brit I truly am! (I say that with pride) πŸ˜‚ I have never waited so long for a cup of tea…. I was sure the kitchen staff had boarded a boat to India to pick the leaves themselves! I waited Three & a half hours for a cup of tea….  I kid you not!! Unacceptable on all accounts!

On two consecutive days I waited the longest I’ve ever had to wait for my cup of brew….. and not a Digestive in sight! Those poor kitchen staff must have really hated me!…….. it’s not their fault they don’t know the true importance of a nice sit down and a cuppa tea to a Brit! Especially when you’re feeling under the weather & really need that pick me up to make you feel you again! 

My friend often says You really are a true BritWhen she hears me complaining about the over the top customer service in Dubai, or at how I expect not to be approached by raging shop assistants screaming “Hi Ma’am” from the moment I look in the shop window!

 …. it’s the norm! …. in London, you feel like you’re putting the shop assistant out by even asking for help with something…. you get the eye rolls & “tuts” from the moment you utter the words ‘excuse me’ πŸ™ˆ So, I’m totally not used to this kind of service…. but when it comes to my tea… I expect only the best!!

My question is…….. just how “tea” is your tea?

Some of these are just downright offensive!!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

So there you have it… my musings on realising just how much of a grumpy Brit (& proud) I Am! 😁 My perfect cup would be a 2D or a 3B …. what’s yours? Let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Don’t They Know I’m British?!?

  1. britdeshimummy says:

    Yes my choice of tea is the same as yours. I have my own cup at home and at work. I totally agree with you there is just no point in paying for over priced tea/coffee #homemadetea


  2. Hairstyles says:

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